Osteoporosis: the MoveSMART Method

The MoveSMART Method 

A coaching & exercise program for people with osteoporosis to build strength, balance and confidence without the overwhelm and anxiety!


Know exactly what to do & what to avoid in everyday life and in exercises
with detailed tutorial videos.


Get personal coaching and accountability with Zoom calls so  you never
have to do it alone.


Regain  your confidence and vitality! Get out into the world and do the things you love, sparkling and joyful again! 

Osteoporosis: the MoveSMART Method

A coaching & movement program

Have you been diagnosed with osteoporosis
and now you're not sure what to do?

Your doctor gave you a diagnosis, handed you a pamphlet, recommended calcium and walking, maybe suggested medication and sent you on your way.

But that's not enough for you!

It's really normal to feel shocked to begin with.
Scared of fractures, confused by all the conflicting information and
overwhelmed at a future that seems so different than what you imagined.

But then...

You don't have to take this sitting down, you're not frail or fragile!

You're not old before your time.
You can be strong, energetic, vibrant and ready to take on the world!

Does this sound like you?
Enroll in the MoveSMART !

You know you're supposed to exercise to help your bones, but the internet is confusing, exercise can be intimidating and your life is too busy to spend time worrying about what's right!

Now picture this: you have a proven, step-by-step program that guides you every day.
You have spine-safe exercises that you can absolutely trust.

You have a community of bone buddies and my personal support for your own specific issues. You have strength, energy, confidence and you feel great!

Welcome to Osteoporosis: the MoveSMART Method!

This is a small-group coaching program where you get answers, community, knowledge and a personal approach to support YOUR needs.

A comprehensive exercise program gets you a routine you can use for life.

12 weeks of coaching calls and accountability check-ins get you support and clarity not just for the exercises but for your heart and soul!
I'm your coach Alison and I'm both a long-time movement teacher AND a person with osteoporosis.



Feeling old and fragile before your time

Always having a voice in the back of your head that says "Is this safe?"

Wanting to work out but having no plan and no consistency

Being alone in your overwhelm and never hearing anything positive

Feeling great in your body and enjoying your life!

Knowing exactly what works for you and your bones

Having a daily and weekly plan that you can stick with for life!

Knowing you're with a positive, calming, affirming community that has your back!

 "One of the best parts is the call in coaching sessions where you get to share your questions with a group and check in with Alison about your challenges and successes. It's a thoughtful and rigorous course and I feel more confident and definitely stronger than I did when I started.

Nancy M
MoveSMART student

Taking charge of your bone health and exercise just got as easy as following the videos in the MoveSMART Method, joining our amazing group calls
and loving your clear, tailored movement plan!

In MoveSMART you get:

Specific options for the exercises that suit your particular situation
Support so you have the knowledge and clarity to move with confidence (and without fear) 

Accountability! I'll know if you're not there in the coaching calls and I'll reach out to see if you're ok! 
Life-long access to all the videos, PDF's and all future updates so you always have the most up-to-date information along with all the skills you've gained 

 This isn't a set-it-and-forget it online course. You won't be left to figure it out on your own!

When you're supported in your osteoporosis and exercise life, it all gets so much easier!

  • Your posture & alignment support your bones 
  • Balance training means you don't fear falling while you're out enjoying your life 
  • Stretches and self-massage ease your stress, improve sleep, improve your overall movement and feel great
  • Foot strength & mobility become foundations for good bones
  • Whole body joint mobility feeds every part of your body, decreases pain and leaves you feeling juicy and ready to go
  • Hips that move without pain and are strong in every direction are part of building and maintaining bone density
  • Core & breathing (yes, even breathing is key to supporting your bones) give you a solid connection to your spine
  • Back exercises improve your posture, help avoid hunching and improve your balance 
  • Strength and resistance training are totally possible for you, no matter where you start on your osteoporosis journey!

What else do you get...

  • A sense of control over your osteoporosis 
  • The confidence to move safely 
  • A full understanding of how osteoporosis affects your movement 
  • The ability to evaluate exercises for yourself

 "MoveSMART is worth every cent and more!
This program has given me the best value for money that I have ever spent on my health and wellbeing. My only regret is that the program wasn’t available earlier in my life!"

Pam S
MoveSMART Student

  • Made-for-you, spine-safe exercise protocol that suits your body and your schedule
  • On-demand lessons that are yours forever
  • Detailed exercise tutorial videos
  • Support documents
  • Accountability messaging group for regular check-ins
  • Weekly action tasks so you always know what to do
  • 12 weeks of online, small group coaching on Wednesdays @ 11 am ET, Thursdays @ 2 pm and alternate Fridays @ 8:30 pm w/replays
  • Community workout sessions starting soon
  • Private members-only Facebook group

 "I'm 70 years old and was diagnosed with osteoporosis 6 years ago. I only wish that I could have had this incredible program years ago. 

The program is very well organized. Alison gives you so much information and her videos are easy to follow. She is such a warm person and I feel like she's by my side when I follow the videos. Even though I know many of the sequences by heart I go back to the flows just to spend time with her. I feel like I now have a comprehensive exercise program for life!

Marjie C
MoveSMART Student

About me! Who am I?

I got my osteoporosis diagnosis at 56. My bone loss comes from a combination of genetics, malabsorption issues and early menopause.
I did all the right things, I'd been a Pilates teacher and therapeutic movement coach for over 20 years and still ended up with bone loss. Talk about overwhelming! I totally get what you're dealing with.

Once I got past the shock, I refocused my work and developed classes and programs specifically to offer a whole-body solution to our complex exercise needs.

With that refocus, I've gained a breadth of knowledge and tools to give me the confidence to manage my bone health and I want to share them with you!
In addition to working with my wonderful international community of osteoporosis and osteopenia clients, I continue to teach and run my Toronto studio, Boomerang Pilates, with a full slate of online and in-person classes.



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Debra Wheeler Wheeler


I highly recommend the MoveSmart course with Alison. I investigated several other courses before choosing to work with her. I am so grateful that I made that choice! Alison is very knowledgeable about osteoporosis and shares freely with everyone. Her videos are expertly done and easily accessible. The couching calls were wonderful and one of my favorite parts of the course. Alison really cares about her students’ needs. She takes the time to answer questions and demonstrate until we, her students, understand. Alison’s course helped me to believe in myself again, so that the diagnosis of osteoporosis did not define me. I will be forever grateful.

5 months ago
Pam Sherrard

Value for money

MoveSMART is worth every cent and more! This program has given me the best value for money that I have ever spent on my health and wellbeing. My only regret is that the program wasn’t available earlier in my life! I love the flexibility that the program offers me - I can fit my movement work into my ever-changing daily and weekly schedule, with no travelling or set class times. The quality of the teaching is brilliant. Alison has an amazing, relaxed way of explaining, and along with the detailed videos and notes, I know I am doing each move safely and correctly to gain maximum benefit. And, if I do have any questions, I can access Alison’s personal help. The program also includes weekly, small group coaching sessions where Alison answers questions, provides additional information and demonstrates aspects or more variations of moves - and where participants share, support and learn from each other. MoveSMART is definitely NOT a one-size-fits-all or prescribed, set program. I worked through the program in the order and pace that best suited me. Alison provides modifications to suit individual health needs or to make each movement less or more challenging as needed – allowing me to adapt the program to become more challenging as I become stronger over time, beyond the twelve-week course. Alison also gives many suggestions to add variety to movement sessions to keep them fresh and interesting over time. MoveSMART is a brilliant, empowering course! After twelve weeks I am already enjoying feeling so much stronger – both physically and in my attitude to living with osteoporosis. The program has supported me to feel much more in control of my diagnosis as I now understand the movement that my body needs for me to thrive. And I know that I will continue to gain strength and confidence as I continue with my movement program - and there is still so much more for me to learn and master through the program. MoveSMART offers so much more value for my money than I thought it would or ever could!

8 months ago
Nancy McNaughton

Awareness, acceptance, adaptability, and awe

I highly recommend this course to anyone with osteoporosis and those who just love to move. Over the 12 modules + I became aware of how different aspects of my movement and anatomy are working together (or not). And the things that I can do to change the relationships. I also became aware of the changes that have occurred over the years. A good wake up call. I have been taking for granted things like squatting, balance, lifting things. (safely). I just stop doing the things that are no longer comfortable and then realize I can’t do them because I haven’t been doing them, (for example, sitting on the floor). One of the best parts is the call in coaching sessions where you get to share your questions with a group and check in with Alison about your challenges and successes. Alison is a wonder. As the course creator and instructor, she has a wealth of knowledge and builds adaptability and acceptance into all her demonstrations and talking points. There is a structure and order to the way the course is designed, but now that I have gone through it once I have been going backwards and forwards to the different modules depending on how I am feeling, and learning new stuff that I missed the first time through. It is a thoughtful and rigorous course and I feel more confident and definitely stronger than I did when I started.

8 months ago

How it works!

Osteoporosis is complex, but getting moving is simple.

You don't do every exercise every day, you go through them gradually and one module at a time.  I'll be with you every step of the way!

I'll give you options that help with whatever other issues you may have, like arthritis, knee or back pain. Each module builds on the one before as you create a practice that serves your whole body, not just your bones!

In each module you'll focus on another set of exercises and skills.

I'll coach you as we develop a routine that serves you best. You, not anyone else, because everybody's osteoporosis journey is different. We'll figure it out together and discover what you need, want and love to do!

What does a whole body approach to osteoporosis look like?

We cover the basics of what osteoporosis is and how it affects your movement. You'll get a solid base of understanding for not only the exercises in the program, but for all the motions of everyday living and other sports and activities!

We talk about lifestyle and natural, functional movements that work for us as well as specific exercises. We talk about how to meld your bone-supporting moves into the day because everyone is busy and we need to be practical about our time!

The modules include all the body parts and exercise options you need to support your bones.

Each module flows on from the next so you're completely prepared to progress through the program as you travel this guided journey at your own pace. I'll never push you to go faster than you need, but I'll also help you stay on track so you have measurable success through our 12 weeks together!

Ready to dive in? Click here to start today!

Not sure if this is right for you? I'd love to talk to you first and make sure this is a good fit and that you'll get the most out of the program.
Click here to book your free mentorship call!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely! All the tutorial videos include options that accommodate hips, knees and back pain. If you're unsure about anything, bring it to the coaching calls so you can show me how you're doing the exercise. I'll give you feedback and cues that make sense to you!
You can also post in the Facebook group for quick answers between coaching calls and for input from your osteo buddies!

I love your go-get-it energy! You have access to all the lessons and bonus materials as soon as you purchase! Then you can come to the first available coaching call that week. We can't wait to meet you!

All the coaching calls are recorded so you can either re-visit them later or watch for the first time if you were busy during the meeting. The recordings are close captioned and have a transcript so you can skip through quickly to find the topics that particularly interest you.

If you have specific questions you can post them in the Facebook group or email them to me in advance and I'll answer even if you can't be there live.

We currently have 2 calls to accommodate different schedules and time zones: Thursdays at 2 pm ET and alternate Fridays at 8:30 pm ET.

The Facebook group and email are also great places to ask questions in general, especially if you can't come to any/all the coaching calls!
There are people who have found real value in the program without attending any of the calls live, but I think they're really gold and worth planning around!

Everybody works at their own pace and for sure sometimes people haven't completed the program in 12 weeks. You can extend your time with the coaching calls, accountability check-ins and Facebook group on a monthly basis with the BoneSMART membership. Join for as long as you want and cancel at any time!

Yes, I really believe in this program! We have a 30 day money-back guarantee. My commitment to you is that I'm offering the best program I can and all the support I believe you need to succeed. The commitment I need from you is that you'll really show up for yourself! If in the first 30 days, after attending the coaching calls and really working on the exercises, you decide you don't want to be in the program we'll get together on Zoom. We'll go over what you've been working on, how you've engaged with the program and if it really isn't working for you, we'll pro-rate the cost and refund the time you won't be using. You will lose access to the program content hub, the coaching calls and the Facebook group as of the day we process your refund.

Pilates teacher Debs C has this to say...

Alison has a lovely chilled style and her use of language and cuing is so much fun and descriptive. Having the videos handy to refer back to or work alongside is great. Alison has been very practical and gives ways to include balance and movement into daily life and how to schedule specific routines.

The weekly coaching calls create a very supportive group and we all work together to find solutions. The Facebook group makes this sisterhood stronger. Together and with Alison’s help, a diagnosis doesn’t feel like a disability, Alison’s course builds strength, balance and confidence to live life to the full.

Course Pricing

  • Single Program Payment (Canadian dollars)

    $899 CAD


    One time payment includes applicable taxes

    Get better bones now!
  • On-demand content hub that's yours forever!
  • 12 weeks of online group coaching & personal support
  • Weekly actions tasks so you always know what to do next
  • Made-for-you, spine-safe exercise protocol
  • Exercise videos & PDF support documents
  • Private members-only Facebook group & accountability chat
  • Monthly program payment plan (Canadian dollars)
  • 3 payments of

    $329 CAD

    per month

    3 equal payments. The first on enrollment and one payment each of the next 2 months. Applicable tax included

    Get better bones now!
  • On-demand content hub that's yours forever!
  • 12 weeks of online group coaching & personal support
  • Weekly actions tasks so you always know what to do next
  • Made-for-you, spine-safe exercise protocol
  • Exercise videos & PDF support documents
  • Private members-only Facebook group & accountability chat