Pelvic Floor Fundamentals

4 Simple Sessions to Support Your Pelvic Floor

Course Summary

 A whole body approach to pelvic floor function, this course includes exercises and education to help you connect to your deepest self.

Some simple anatomy so you know what's going on with your body, simple changes you can make to your everyday life that support pelvic floor health and a variety of movement videos that address the connections from your pelvic floor to all the rest of you.
This course is for you if you're interested in a sustainable, long-term approach to changing how you feel.

This course is NOT for you if you want to bust out 50 Kegels a day and call it done.

There's nothing wrong with Kegels when they're well done (we'll do some pelvic floor contract/release exercises for sure) but they aren't a solution all by themselves.

Let's dig deep, get moving and help you feel better every day!

Please note: this course is spine-safe for those with osteoporosis

Course Curriculum


Alison Crouch

Movement, thoughts and feelings and tea! These are some of my favourite things!

After many years of teaching people with osteoporosis, I was diagnosed with osteo myself. After a challenging fwe weeks getting used to my diagnosis, I fully committed to creating classes, workshops and programs that serve my community.

I bring you not only my years of therapeutic movement work, but also my lived experience!

Do you need to have osteoporosis or osteopenia to enjoy my work? Nope, my stuff works for everyone! But it's a safe place for you to move and move well.

**Please note that Pelvic Floor Fundamentals was both made before my diagnosis and may have moves that aren't appropriate for all bodies** 

I've been teaching Pilates and movement for over 20 years. Realising that I wanted to hone my eye for detail, I built my skills and understanding of biomechanics and functional alignment when I certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist with Katy Bowman and the Nutritious Movement Institute.

I'm fascinated by how bodies work and have taken part in two fascial dissections with Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains. That amazing experience has added nuance and detail to my understanding of how truly it's all connected! Also it makes for excellent cocktail party conversation.

My approach to movement and health includes exercise-specific movement, natural everyday movement, somatic body and brain exploration and a deep conviction that how our brains and bodies get together makes all the difference to how we feel. Combining functional, exploratory details and alignment with fluid, intuitive movement and an emphasis on acceptance and fun leads to sustainable change that helps you feel better for life!

Why did I make Pelvic Floor Fundamentals? Because I've had pelvic floor issues too!
After the birth of my first child I had a bladder prolapse. My doctor stood at the end of the table and said her exam made her want to do her own Kegels right then and there. That was about the extent of my care. She did a manual shift of the tissues, recommended 100 Kegels a day and sent me on my way.

I was one of the  lucky ones, and my pelvic floor responded quickly.

But as I learned about movement and talked to more and more women who've had a similar experience, I wanted to offer something more complete. More nuanced and more about you and your whole body! And so PFF was born.

Join the hundreds of other women who've learned this whole body approach to pelvic floor health and get on with your active, vibrant life!


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    On-demand course includes exercise videos, simple anatomy and lifestyle suggestions to support you

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