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Connection, learning & support for your teaching

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Hi! I'm Alison and I'm pretty jazzed to tell you all about my new membership. With Flourish, I’ll help you learn more about the skill of teaching, the business of teaching and provide a positive place to learn, share, and grow as a teacher in an amazing international community. You’ll feel confident and supported in the work you do and have a place to build on your existing movement practice and business, without comparison or judgement. 

How do I know that? Because the amazing teachers who've done my limited-run courses have told me that. And they've asked to keep going, saying they weren't ready to stop, that they wanted a longer, open-ended way to stay in relationship, to keep learning and growing together. Flourish is that opportunity! We're having a pretty great time together, this international team of spectacular people, and we totally want you to join us!

Come on over and take the leap. It's time for you to flourish! xo Alison

What if there was an online gathering place that offered you coaching, confidence, community and a healthy dose of business savvy and positive social media options?

What if you could connect with other movement teachers, in an online space designed to nourish your own movement practice?

How different would you feel if you know how to work ON your business instead of only IN your business so it grows without burning you out?
What if you could authentically connect with other teachers instead of feeling like you're always in competition with them?

Where do you want to be when things go back to “normal” or has the nature of your teaching changed forever? 

Be part of a vibrant, supportive group as you enhance your amazing teaching skills

Think about this:

  • What do you want to offer as a movement teacher? 
  • What skill do you want to build on? 
  • What space do you need help to develop and grow? 
  • Do you need more accountability and community? 
  • Do you crave more balance in your time? 
  • Do you feel lost in this new-normal of teaching and need an anchor?


  • You look forward to your own personal practice as time to rekindle your love of movement. 
  • You make time to nourish the internal work of being a business owner in the health and wellness space. 
  • You’re part of a community of teachers who may not be much into social media as a way of connecting, but still crave supportive, meaningful friendships in the movement world. 


Flourish is your teaching home. A place to learn and to nourish your love of teaching and the movement practice you chose to share with the world.

Through the monthly group coaching sessions and small group breakout rooms you’ll discover ways to grow as a teacher, communicator and business owner in a busy online (and offline) world. The monthly movement sessions will ground you and give you a chance to move with no rules, no requirements and no judgements. No need to perform, just connect to you, your body, your heart and your nervous system. Offer yourself the gift of gentle movement!

What if you’re really busy?  

When you’re busy, meeting up live isn’t always possible, so all sessions will be recorded and saved forever. Your other on-demand options include replays of my group classes, 20 minute movement treats and recordings of private sessions with some of my favourite clients. New recordings will be added every month so you don’t get bored!

What if you want to dive in deep on your teaching or your own movement?

Members of Flourish get 15% off 1:1 coaching and movement sessions with me either online or in person (depending on where you are in the world, of course).

 "Alison is inclusive and open, her positivity is infectious and genuine. Her wealth of experience and contacts within the industry is invaluable. And her willingness to create and share all of this in a safe space is, well, just awesome!  
Continuing to be part of this amazing community of awesome people is like a foundation of gold! "   

Carrie McGinn
Pilates with Carrie

 "I’d describe the Roadmap as a mixture of a support group, a business development course with mentoring and a masterclass in movement practice. I would definitely recommend this course to any movement teacher- no matter at what stage of their career but for a relatively new teacher like myself it was invaluable. 

Chris Spinks
Pilates teacher

 "On my walk I couldn't help but be so thankful for the community & support you fostered. Your course has had a serious monetary value to my business but also created THIS level of support by its participants. WOW.    I still feel a bit buzzed & just a huge sense of achievement & pride at what I've achieved in 12 weeks.."

Brenda Nassali-Liston
Inform Pilates

What's Included for your monthly investment of $27.99 CAD (HST inc):


  • Newsletter with the month’s theme and journal prompts. 
  • 2nd Thursday of every month at 2:30 pm Eastern, I'll lead a 60 minute group movement or mindfulness practice. It will be recorded so you can repeat it, or access it at your convenience. 
  • 4th Thursday of every month at 2:30 pm Eastern, is a 90 minute group coaching call on the theme of the month. This is your time to ask questions and work through things you’re creating or wanting to share with your students. 
  • Access to the private community (outside of facebook!) to ask questions and provide support to other like-minded movement teachers. 

A monthly theme anchors the live coaching and movement sessions.

Pdf's and journal prompts inspire your reflections.

On-demand recordings of Alison's group classes at Boomerang Pilates make movement options flexible and accessible in your busy teaching life.

Save 15% on group classes and workshops at Boomerang and 1:1 coaching with Alison either online or in person (depending on Covid & your location)

Is Flourish for you? Who will you find there?

Flourish is for movement teachers of all kinds. Pilates, yoga, Restorative Exercise, functional movement. Flourish is for personal trainers, movement coaches and mindful movement practitioners.

Flourish is for studio owners and solopreneurs working alone in their homes.

Whatever your modality, whether you're working online or in person, alone or as part of a team, whether you teach classes or coach your clients 1:1, you belong here.

If you are committed to yourself, your students and your clients & you're dedicated to your
personal and business growth, then Flourish is for you.

I created Flourish because I spent a lot of years teaching alone in my basement without a community. In some ways that worked really well. I didn’t realise there were camps of Classical and Contemporary Pilates yelling at each other. I just worked with my clients, researched and moved and made things up that served them well.

I was shocked when I emerged onto the internet and realised that teachers were judging each other, shaming each other and making it hard to come out publicly to share and ask questions.

Flourish is the online equivalent of hanging out with me in my studio, having tea, playing around with movements, asking interesting questions, sharing experiences and being friends.

It’s also an affordable way to build a long-term relationship with me as your mentor, coach and all-round cheerleader. Gone are the days when we would work with the same senior teacher for years at a time. Flourish is a chance to keep learning and developing as a teacher with someone who sees you, keeps you accountable and hears you every month.

I have almost 20 years of teaching, almost 10 years of owning a studio, multiple modalities and a deep and abiding passion for teaching. Flourish is my way of sharing that with you!

Alison Crouch

Movement, thoughts and feelings and tea! These are some of my favourite things!

I've been teaching Pilates and movement for almost 20 years. Realising I wanted to hone my eye for detail, I really upped my skills and understanding of biomechanics and functional alignment when I certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist with Katy Bowman and the Nutritious Movement Institute.

I'm fascinated by how bodies work and have taken part in two fascial dissections with Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains. That amazing experience has added nuance and detail to my understanding of how truly it's all connected! Also it makes for excellent cocktail party conversation.

I love working with other teachers to hone their teaching skills and build their confidence so they're ready to go out and claim their sweet spot in the teaching world. I offer both private coaching and small group online coaching through Thrive (6 week program), the Movement Teacher's Roadmap (12 week program) and now the ongoing MoveSMART membership.

My approach to movement and health includes exercise-specific movement, natural everyday movement, somatic body and brain exploration and a deep conviction that how our brains and bodies get together makes all the difference to how we feel. Combining functional, exploratory details and alignment with fluid, intuitive movement and an emphasis on acceptance and fun leads to sustainable change that helps you feel better for life!

Flourish is for movement pros who want to do more than recite the instructions of each exercise.

It’s for teachers who want to improve their communications skills, are curious about the needs of diverse populations and want to offer rewarding movement opportunities to every student, even when (or maybe especially when) that means thinking outside the box.

Flourish is for teachers of any age who are new to the business and are starting to know what they don’t know.

There comes a moment when the process of teaching the class isn’t so overwhelming anymore, and you have the time and brain space to level up your teaching.

Flourish is for teachers who are ready to build their business, grow their clientele base but aren’t quite sure how to go about it.

Some months will include simple, clear discussions and worksheets to focus on sustainable growth and thoughtful strategies to support your success.

Flourish is for the teachers who just don’t love social media or feel pressured, judged or invisible in that world.

There is a place for supportive, accessible, enthusiastic teamwork and this is it!


I want you to feel totally confident joining the Flouish community, so there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. If in the first month, you don’t feel like you’re the right fit, get in touch with me. Let’s make sure you’ve attended both sessions and explored the on-demand offerings. Let me know what you feel is missing and if we can make it work for you. If after we connect you still want to withdraw from the group I will refund your investment.

Membership Pricing

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  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Monthly group movement sessions
  • On-demand recorded classes
  • Discounts on live classes and 1:1 coaching
  • Community right here in the course. No more Facebook group!
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  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Monthly group movement sessions
  • On-demand recorded class library
  • Discounts on live classes and 1:1 coaching
  • Private community right here within the course. No more Facebook group!